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We are official distributors of Blentec for the Iberian Peninsula . The Blendtec Stealth is the most advanced professional blender and makes the world less noise .

The Stealth is a mixer with capacitive , as if it were a Smartphone controls. It has a great power but surprisingly even just make the sound of a normal conversation between two people. This is especially useful if you want the work area is not a troublesome area for your ears , in addition to not annoy customers with these noises. We also emphasize the power of 1800 watts, which makes the smoothie is perfect. Blendtec has programmed 42 different mixing cycles , therefore, can easily beat since everything is programmed .

Thanks to this, the mixer will start working automatically, with the speed determined by the program that has been used .

When the process ends the blender automatically stops.

Jars BlendTec are special because they have a square , which makes perfect mix .

Notably pitchers Blendtec Smoother Stealth is made without BPA , since this compound causes cancer if exposed to this food eaten.

Professional blender: for smoothies, frappes , milkshakes or fruit . It Includes a blender( a pitcher )

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The basic jug of the blenders of the renowned Blendtec stand out for their spectacular design, since it allows its blade (7.6 cm made of stainless steel) to create a perfect vortex to be able to beat both fruits and any type of vegetable without any problems. , thus achieving that our body can absorb them in a faster and easier way.

This jug is perfect for using any type of Blendtec Blender, either as a replacement for another with the same characteristics or as a second jug to save time when working.

It is recommended that the jar have a minimum of 600ml at the time of use if you want to have an optimal result.

Ventilated lid that allows you to beat hot ingredients since it has spaces to release the steam as well as allowing you to add ingredients while mixing.

Made of BPA-free Tritan

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The extreme jug of the Blendtec mixers stand out above all for the spectacular design it has, since apart from its blade (10 cm wide made of stainless steel), it has a fifth side, which means that it can beat much more quantity. in less time. This jug creates a vortex that will allow you to beat ice, fruit and any type of vegetable without any problems, thus allowing our body to absorb these products in a faster and easier way. Its maximum volume is 2.85 liters.

This jug is perfect for using any type of Blendtec Blender,

The jar must have a minimum of 800ml at the time of use if you want to have an optimal result.

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We present the latest from Blendtec, the Foam Jug (BPA FREE) perfect for preparing specialty coffee easily and quickly in Summer. Using air to disperse within the milk during a liquid or watery phase, and thus unfolds water-soluble proteins within the milk that bind together and stabilize the air produced within the bubble walls, causing the milk to foam (milk must be completely skim).

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Blendtec Pitcher Lids:

Ventilated Cover:

  • Vented closure for commercial use
  • Fits WildSide + (r) and FourSide (TM) jars that have lip rim.
  • 4 side closures securely hold the closing lid to the jar during mixing.
  • The closing cap is easily removed
  • Adjustment actions let users know that the cap is securely in place.
  • The removable center cap allows for the addition of ingredients during mixes while keeping splashes contained.

Smooth cover:

  • Built to produce an airtight seal, perfect for smoothies, frozen drinks, slushies, and more.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Fits WildSide + and FourSide jars.
  • To be used in flasks within acoustic enclosures.
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Twister jar is designed to blend your thickest recipes, such as nut butters, hummus, baby food, dips, Thick shakes, dressings and more. The blunt safety blade is 80% thicker and ten times stronger than other blades.

Includes: patented Twister lid, mini gripper lid, and spectacle spatula. Patented Twister lid features tines that rotate and push ingredients off the side and into the blending vortex. No more stopping and scraping the sides manually. Spectacle spatula was designed to allow you to easily scrape out the contents of your jar, therefore, minimizing waste (and clean-up).

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Small, fast and efficient. The Rapid Rinse Station reclaims valuable counter space with its minimal form factor, and is perfect for stacking multiple Blendtec jars. Best of all, it can reduce exposure to harmful sanitizers that irritate skin and cause lost time on the job.

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Introducing the Blendtec Washing and Drying Station, made of super resistant plastic.

Easy to clean

Easy one push operation

Stainless steel nozzle

Quick disconnect

Rinse effect

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